Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the most recommended approach to the preparation of this test?

We suggest that you download our PDF paid version and first print out the self assessment test which runs from pages 37 to 68 and try to answer these multiple choice questions before checking out our answers on pages 2 to 36.

Mark yourself based on pages 2 to 36 and thereafter, refocus your energies on those answers which you got wrong.

This is the fastest way of getting through this study material and making yourself ready for the NHBRC’s technical assessment exam.

I have already paid for the questions and the answers online but lost internet connectivity before I could download or save the test to my documents?

Don’t worry.

Simply send us a simple message on our whatsapp number 0721524361 24/7 informing us that you have paid but could not download or save the test automatically, and as such, we shall immediately send you a PDF copy via the same whatsapp number which you have communicated with us.

We also periodically check for payments that have come through and automatically email or whatsapp the test questions & answers PDF regardless of whether you have informed us or not.

Please check your junk mail folder as well if you don’t see it in your normal day to day inbox.

Alternatively, go back to your browser history on the internet, click on the last browser page, this will bring back the last page that you were on just before you lost the internet connectivity.

You should be able to reload the NHBRC questions and answers PDF and save them into your document folder.

What’s the pass mark for the NHBRC Test?


You need 13 marks out of the 25 multiple choice test questions in order for you to pass the test.

When do I get the results of my NHBRC Test?

Immediately after writing the NHBRC test at the NHBRC offices, the results are immediately available from the NHBRC official invigilator. Remember the test is written on the NHBRC’s computer desktop provided at the NHBRC’s testing centre and as such, the results are marked by and immediately available from the computer.

How long is the test?

The official duration for the test is 2 hours, however, in practice, test examiners have the tendency of running out of patience, therefore, agree on the duration of the test because it is automatically timed by the computer for 2 hours when you start.

Where is the NHBRC test written?

The test is written at the NHBRC’s regional offices that you selected during your online NHBRC registration process. Normally an NHBRC official is present during the assessment process and the test is written on the NHBRC’s desktop computer under the supervision of an NHBRC official.

How many chances do I get to write the NHBRC test?

2 maximum attempts.

If you fail the test more than twice, you will not be allowed a third attempt, however, you can appoint someone else to write the test on behalf of your company however, you will need to issue them a technical manager appointment letter and restart the application process from scratch and pay the application fee of R745.61 once again.

There is no limit to the number of new people that you can appoint to write the test on behalf of your company.

Can I take the test questions & answers PDF into the NHBRC exam room?


Although the Nhbrc Test is an open computer book test, unfortunately you cannot take the same very test questions & answers into the examination room.

Even a cellphone is not allowed to be on within the examination room.

Only the Hardcover SANS home builders manual as well as other documents such as your ID book are allowed into the examination room.

However, you can highlight answers and scribble notes into the SANS home builders manual, which will make it quicker when looking up the answers under the extreme examination condition.

Remember, the NHBRC is trying to test your capability to refer to the building regulations within the SANS Home Builder’s manual when building a home.

Please note that the answers as well as the references we make, are to be found in the SANS home builder’s manual that costs R3,168.82 and not the cheaper version of R87.82.

The SANS home builder’s manual is available at the NHBRC offices country wide, however, please make sure that you specifically ask for this expensive book.

Staff members of the NHBRC are not there to advise you on how to pass the test, and what we have noticed, is that clients are automatically given the cheaper home builder’s manual which is normally included in the NHBRC’s registration fee of R745.61, only to find out that when they return to write the test, the answers are nowhere to be found in that cheap book.

So please try to obtain the pricier version of R3,168.82, clearly, there is a good reason why it is more expensive than the other.

What’s the difference between the R87.82 and the R3,168.15 home builder’s manual?


First of all, you will not find a single answer in the R87.82 manual, meaning that using it to prepare for your technical assessment exam, is an absolute waste of your time.

All the answers to the technical assessment exam are to be found in the R3,168.15 SANS Home builders manual.

This book consists of a total of about 650 pages, however, it has such a poor table of contents structure, that, the only practical way of getting around it, is to stick, sticker labels to the main content sections such as foundation, walling etc.

Are we part of the NHBRC?

No, we are NOT part of the NHBRC in any way whatsoever.

We are simply an accounting firm that used to assist NHBRC clients with the registration of NHBRC certificates before the NHBRC introduced the online registration system.

Over time, we managed to collect the actual NHBRC questions & answers that our clients collected for us each time they would sit for this examination so that we could easily train the new clients that followed.

Can we assist you with someone to write the test on your behalf?

No, unfortunately we can’t. We simply provide you with the questions & answers which you can master and guarantee yourself a pass in the NHBRC exam.

Do we assist with the NHBRC registration process?


Because each new registration requires a unique OTP to be sent to the client’s cellphone, as such this would be a tedious process for us to embark on and therefore, we prefer if clients do their online NHBRC registration process & on our side, we simply offer you the questions & answers that you need to practice for your NHBRC registration assessment exam.

Please note that the Online registration process is fairly easy and you shouldn’t be intimidated about it. Just give it a try, don’t worry too much about the suppliers section, you can simply put builders warehouse and for the engineering firms, you can always google those.

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