The NHBRC Registration Process in 3 easy steps

Although on this site, our main focus is the selling of the NHBRC’s test Questions & Answers that you need to practice for the NHBRC’s registration technical assessment exam.

However, we are also frequently requested to provide information wth regards to the NHBRC registration process.

Below, please find the information needed in order for you to become successfully registered with the NHBRC.


For Companies & Close Corporations, get the following application documents ready in PDF format on your computer.

  • Certified ID copies of all Company Directors (Photo colour copies are preferable, however, if you are using a smart card, please make copies of both sides onto a one A4 page), please note, do not use your smart phone to scan or take photos of your ID, use the usual traditional scanner printer instead).
  • A personal Proof of Address for one of the company directors that is not older than 3 months.
  • A Bank Stamped Confirmation letter in the Company’s or Close Corporation’s name (you can simply download it from your online banking profile but please make sure that it comes with an electronic eStamp, alternatively, you can also go to your local bank & personally request for one in a PDF format together with a bank stamp).
  • Cipc Annual Returns (These are very important, you can ask your accountant to download the latest cipc annual returns from the CIPC, in a soft PDF format).
  • A certified copy of a Share Certificate, only if your company is a PTY (Any accountant can provide you with a share certificate).
  • Upload them onto the NHBRC’s website & pay the initial application invoice fee of R745.61 online.
  • Get approved and prepare for the NHBRC’s Technical Assessment Exam.

For individuals, sole proprietors & home owner builders, only a certified ID copy, personal proof of address as well as a bank stamped confirmation letter in your personal name, is all that is needed in order for you to commence with the online registration.


  • The test is compulsory for all applicants & there is no exceptions.
  • It consists of 25 multiple choice questions randomly selected from the 200 questions that we already have on this website.
  • Meaning you need to atleast know all the answers to the 200 sample questions in order for you to pass your NHBRC’s technical assessment test.
  • You can purchase the Question& Answers here by selecting, the “BUY NOW” button.
  • Alternatively, you can also view the free sample version, however, it has no answers.
  • For additional information with regards to the NHBRC’s technical assessment exam, please click here.


  • Once you have successfully booked online, gone to the NHBRC’s offices and have successfully passed the exam, your results will be reflected on the NHBRC’s online profile that you created in the first step above.
  • A final annual membership invoice fee of R526.32 will be levied onto your online profile.
  • Once you have settled this invoice online, you can then be able to download your NHBRC certificate online.

Please note that apart from the NHBRC technical assessment test that is written at the NHBRC’s centres, the rest of the NHBRC registration process is all done online.

The whole process shouldn’t take more than 21 working days to complete.

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