Nhbrc Test

The Nhbrc test is an open computer book assessment test that consists of 25 multiple choice questions.

It is compulsory for all applicants to pass the test in order for them to obtain their NHBRC certificate.

Below, we have a set of 200 actual NHBRC Technical assessment exam questions that have been collected from those who have written the test before you.

The NHBRC only randomly selects just 25 from the 200 practice questions.

The answers can be found in the NHBRC’s home builder’s manual issued by the NHBRC.

Download the Free Sample Version – Here

You can click here  for a short cut for you to download the free sample test.

In the free sample, we have only provided you answers and reference points up to question 12 only, however, in the paid version, all answers and reference points are available for all the remaining questions.

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