Technical Managers

The NHBRC refers to any person who applies for and sits for the Nhbrc’s Technical Assessment exam as a technical manager.

Contrary to popular belief, there are no specific skills or academic qualifications required by the NHBRC in order for one to be appointed as a technical manager.

As long as you are above 18 years old and hold a valid South African ID document, you will still be allowed to sit for the NHBRC’s technical assessment test.

If you are the owner or director of a company that is applying for the NHBRC registration certificate, you do not need to appoint a technical manager, however, you are still required to prepare for and pass the NHBRC’s technical assessment exam.

You can also appoint any of your company’s employees or any one for that matter, to write the test on behalf of your company, however, you will need to issue them a technical manager appointment letter on your company’s letter head, signed off by the director of the company.

If you are a home owner builder, even if you are seeking for exemption, you too, will still be required to prepare for & sit for the NHBRC’s technical assessment exam, in order for you to be granted an NHBRC exemption certificate.

Unfortunately for home owner builders, you cannot appoint someone else to write the test on behalf of yourself since the NHBRC assumes that you will be the builder of your own home.

For more information about the NHBRC’s technical assessment exam, please click here.

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